VIVIDIVITY is the imaginative invention of Nicki Ragan (a.k.a. me.)

After over 17 years of working to make everything from books, dirt, retirement plans, audits, construction, loans, and even preschools sound and look inviting, I have gone through a metamorphosis.


What does VIVIDIVITY mean you might wonder…which is exactly the point of the word. Close your eyes and say it. At first it seems like a mouthful, a tongue twister, but the more you say it, the more it bounces. VIVIDIVITY! Color and light. Playfulness and endless possibility. It is all of these things. The ability to mold your ideas and dreams into something tactile.


Using years of experience in graphic design, marketing, web design, and photography my goal is to bring vivid creativity (ahh, VIVIDIVITY) to your ideas. Whether you are a start-up and need branding, a logo and print materials or you are a seasoned company that needs to bring a fresh feel to an old idea on the web, or maybe you want family or event photography,  you’ve come to the right place.


So peruse the portfolios of work and take a step towards adding a little VIVIDIVITY to your life.