An afternoon tea party

As a lifestyle photographer, you get the opportunity to witness families private moments rather than always posed shots. A giggle during a tea party with mommy and daddy, a secret between sisters, a kiss. This is the payoff after hours spent singing the itsy bitsy spider, fake sneezing, laying down in the mud to get a shot, and all the other insane things we as photographers do to capture an image. But the most rewarding thing is when you sit down at your computer after a photo shoot and you find yourself smiling at the screen as you scroll through the 300+ shots you took that day. If you’re lucky, you got a dozen beautiful and poignant shots. The ones that remind you of what was going on at that moment and make you think of your own children or families or dog. The ones that make you smile as you look at them. The shots I treasure the most are the ones captured when they are unaware of an audience. These are the gifts. When you get the pure joyfulness of a child, the brutal honesty of their feelings, and the captivating innocence you can only get in a young child’s eyes, that makes the day successful.



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