End-of-the-Year Reflection

It’s easy to sit down and reflect on your personal life at the end of the year. Did I reach the personal goals that I set for myself? Is my family in a good place? Is my house in order? But when it’s time to evaluate your business at the end of the year, it can be harder to see success. Some measure in money and the ability to pay the bills…because that is important. While others measure in new clientele and the perceptions of your business. For me, my end of the year reflection for Vividivity is always different. This year, my goals were simple, exceed my clients expectations, obtain new clientele, and figure out a way I can use my company to help people. I’m happy to say, these simple and obtainable goals were met in 2016.

I am very lucky to work with clients in either the start-up or rebranding stage of their business. This allows me to help them navigate the marketing arena. There are so many tools out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed and ultimately frozen into unproductively. I love using my organizational tools and the ability to break down the steps to success for them. What I see as an easy path is exciting and fruitful for them. And ultimately, very rewarding for me.

I was able to add some new clients to my roster and these are some of the most amazing women I am lucky to know. They are inspiring and strong and I try and follow their examples in my life. It has been a pleasure to help them grow their businesses, while watching them motivate others into doing the same.

Finally, I was able to donate my time to the causes that are near and dear to my heart. Through working with the Pediatric Cancer Society, local preschools, and elementary schools I can capture memories for families that lasts a lifetime.

So what will 2017 bring for Vividivity? I’m always looking for new and interesting business in the community I live in. Whether through photography or web design or graphic arts. I have been very lucky with word-of-mouth referrals to generate new business, but this year I think I will stretch myself to reach a broader audience. I am so excited to be heading into my 5th year of business. Quite an accomplishment.

I look forward to helping more people add some VIVIDIVITY into their life!



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